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Welcome to Rae's Willowcraft

Weave your own wonders


Who We Are

Rae's willowcraft was set up by Rae Bearder at her home on Guernsey to weave baskets, create willow products and offer everyone - young or old- the opportunity to create something beautiful from willow and other natural products.



Whether you are an adult, teen or younger, I aim to offer a workshop for you.  I will be offering 2 hour, half day and full day workshops where you can make anything from a magic wand to a log basket.  I will add these to the site when they are scheduled, but please contact me if there is something specific you would like to make!


Our Values

Rae's Willowcraft was born out of a desire to use Guernsey grown willows to create beautiful, useful, carbon negative willow products.  In a stressful, rapidly moving world, I also want to share the enjoyment and relaxation experienced when working with willow and provide education on all aspects of willow work, from growing, through harvesting to creation of the final product. 

I aim to spend at least one day a week working to support our local community.

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